a picture of miles roseHi I'm Miles Rose, Welcome to my website! this is a collection of my various projects and writings. I have many different interests ranging from gardening, to computer programming, to sculpture, etc. You'll find many different types of multimedia art, building projects, and random thoughts on this website. You can contact me on social media via the links at the bottom of the page, or If you'd like to contact me directly you can reach me at [email protected]

Off-Grid Farmstead

I've been an avid gardener for many years, but recently I started ramping up my organic vegetable game ever since I moved off the grid out in
the forests of northern Michigan. I started a small business called EarthlyWilds.Farm where I sold my produce at the local farmers market

My Animations

Below is a collection of stop motion animations, CGI animations, motion graphics and 2D animations.

How Do Flowers Grow?

How do Flowers Grow?


How paper is made

How Paper is Made


How plastic is recycled

How Plastic is Recycled


History of the wheel

History of the Wheel


Clay Life Forms

Clay Lifeforms


claymation compliation 1

Claymation Compilation 1


Claymation Compilation 2

Claymation Compilation 2


Xmas claymation

Snowman Claymation


epic pivot battle

Epic Pivot Battle


Fictional Planet

Alien Planet 1

Alien Civilization

Alien Planet 2


Alien Apocalypse

Alien Planet 3


Cosmic dreams

Cosmic Dreams


Trippy shapes

Trippy shapes


Random Tech Geek Videos

Here's a section for my random techie projects (like my DIY laptop, a few simple coding tutorials, and a photoshop tutorial)

Book Turned Into Laptop with Raspberry Pi

Book Turned Into Laptop


Photoshop Floating Island

Photoshop Floating Island


Python Programming Part 1

Python Coding Part 1

Python Programming Part 2

Python Coding Part 2

Python Programming Part 3

Python Coding Part 3

Python Programming Part 4

Python Coding Part 4

Python Programming Part 5

Python Coding Part 5

Python Programming Part 6

Python Coding Part 6

Python Programming Part 7

Python Coding Part 7

Python Programming Part 8

Python Programming Part 8

Graphic Design

I have years of experience creating art with Adobe products, and even more experience painting and drawing.
Here are some of my best Graphic Designs.

My Sculptures

Sculpture is a very expressive art form. To create something real with your hands is unlike any other art medium.

My Drawings

My character drawings are strongly inspired by manga/anime art as well as western comics, usually with a fantasy / sci-fi bent.

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