a picture of miles roseWelcome to my Multimedia Portfolio! Scroll down to see a gallery spanning a broad range of various mediums, both digital and physical. From CGI animations, to 2D animations, claymations, drawings, illustrations, sculptures, and 3D models. This website is also the result of my own experimentation in writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. I painstakingly designed the user interface from scratch through trial and error, the code for this website is available to anyone on my GitHub. Feel free to post a comment down below anywhere on the site, and if you'd like to contact me directly you can reach me at or via any of the social media links bellow. Also, Check out the blog for code tutorials, design tutorials, and the occasional personal story ;)

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My Animations

I have been making different types of animations since I was 12 years old, and it is still one of my favorite mediums to work in.
Below are stop motion animations, CGI animations, motion graphics, 2D animations, and stick figure animations.

My Sculptures

Sculpture is a very expressive art form, to create something real with your hands is unlike any other art medium.
I usually sculpt with modoling clay with a supporting wire armature skeleton, but I have also experimented with cast iron sculpture and welding art.

My Drawings

My character drawings are strongly inspired by manga/anime art as well as western comics, usually with a fantasy / sci-fi bent.
I usually sketch with a pencil first, and then outline with a pen and sometimes color using colored pencils.

My 3D Models

I make 3D models using the free modeling program Sketchup, and I store them online on the 3D Warehouse.
To interact with 3D models, make sure you have enabled third party cookies and site data. You'll also need a browser that supports WebGL.

Click a thumbnail to interact with a 3D model. After the window opens and the model loads, click the "<" Icon to the right of the model view for camera control options.