A Long Meandering Path to Nature and Freedom

It was some time between 2010 and 2012 (around age 14-16) that I first started thinking about how I wanted to design my lifestyle.

It is around this time that terms like “Living in tune with nature” and “Green off grid energy” first started to enter my mind. As I researched, I began to think more about the concepts of “self reliance and self sufficiency” and gardening, and how I could continue to enjoy “personal freedom” once I became an adult.

These ideas were not quite “goals” initially. During the beginning, my ideas were still very low resolution. But they have never completely left my mind 10 years later. They have served as a rough guiding compass for many of my important life decisions. They have put me on my current trajectory.

My path has been very meandering and I usually had almost no idea what I was doing at the time. Yet I continued to persist, experiment, pivot and adapt.

Throughout this process, my ideas have gained a higher resolution, developing into specific attainable goals.

When I look over the events of the last decade, the metaphorical “muse” / “daemon” in my head seems to have guided me. It almost makes me want to believe in fate.

Right now I am facing a crossroads with many different outcomes. Each path has pros and cons.

Some paths seem more “safe” and “prudent” and “logical”. Other paths seem more “risky” yet adventurous, bold, and fulfilling…

My inner compass will guide me.

I will figure it out.

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