A Future where "Jobs" and "Careers" Don't Matter Anymore

In my opinion, the whole concept of a "job/career" that we have become accustomed to over the last 200ish years, with the usual employee/employer relationship for a fixed wage/salary is mostly an industrial invention. That concept is very well suited to our current society, and for some, it is still an effective strategy to accumulate resources for the anticipated lean times ahead... However, when industrial society can no longer be sustained and it inevitably collapses, the economy will collapse too, and so too will the usefulness of this whole "job/career" concept as we currently know it.

But even in non industrial societies, people still always needed goods and services in order to survive. The same will be true for post-industrial-collapse societies. The future will still need sustainable food producers, safe shelter builders, various healers, even folks skilled at salvaging and repairing various useful tech, etc... Things like "trauma field medic EMT / herbal medicine" or "small electrical appliance repair / off grid solar installation"?

Personally, I'm heavily leaning toward learning as much as I can about small scale intensive permaculture market gardening, using hand tools and various nutrient cycling techniques to minimize all outside inputs. One day, I'd love to make a living this way. I'm lucky because this also happens to be a huge passion of mine.

Historically, look at the Cuban organic gardening innovations that happened as a result of the embargo, when they suddenly had no access to industrial fertilizer and no fuel for tractors. The whole world will be in their shoes eventually. Best to get ahead of the curve while we still can.

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