Petit Bourgeoisie, Revolution and Dual Power

I think that if more small business owners understood how manipulative capitalism truely is, and how they themselves are being manipulated and played for suckers by the system as well, and let go of the false notion that they too will one day join the billionaire class... Then more small business owners would voluntarily convert their businesses into worker-owned and worker-managed co-ops.

If my sole proprietorship business (Earthly Wilds Farm) ever expands to the point of needing more labor, that would be my goal, to recruit "partners" (comrades?) who would (either immediately or eventually) have equal ownership and control over the business. Unless I choose to just remain at a micro scale where the farm labor is small enough that I can easily do it all myself. One part of degrowth philosophy is questioning "growthism" which is the dogma that a business (or society) must always expand and grow indefinitely in order to be "successful" ...

I think the issue with "revolution talk" is that people often just imagine a bloody violent sudden revolution. I feel like that idea actually comes more from non-anarchist leftists who want to see a brand new socialist/marxist state authority replace the old capitalist state authority... But in the scenario of a sudden violent revolution, the working class and marginalized people would suffer the most, at the hands of the military police, backed by capital interest.

On the other hand, a general strike would bring the capital owning class to their knees. They only have their wealth and power because they extracted productivity from the workers, the ultimate source of value (aside from nature itself). "The great resignation" from 2020-21 that I sort of participated in was kind of a small taste of that, the capitalists were terrified, and it shifted the labor market in favor of workers even to this day. But in an actual real general strike, the strikers would need to have all their basic needs met during (and after) the strike, otherwise they would be forced to return to work out of necessity. That's why strikes often fail or never begin in the first place, because there's no solid resilient support structure to fall back on and to care for the workers who are exiting the workplace.

Capitalism needs a desperate underclass in order to function, "it's a feature of the software, not a bug"... That's why it is important to build dual power within the current system right now, decentralized networks that can cover all basic human needs outside of the capitalist and monetary system. That's where things like mutual aid, street medics, gurilla gardeners, off grid living, etc, can step in to fill the void. So in that sence, by developing robust mutual aid networks and tinkering off the grid, we are already "fighting" in the "revolution" right now, in a way that the dominant system cannot fight back against (or even perceive) ... Plus, the more the dominant system fails and disenfranchises more and more people, and the more mutual aid networks need to pick those people back up and show them another way, we can slowly shift the hegemonic culture and public consciousness from the bottom up, away from the dominant system. That's the real "revolution" to focus on, in my opinion.

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