Conformity Enforcers of the "American Dream" Home Construction and Lifestyle

As a renegade off-grid eco-hermit weirdo, I have to wonder... Are we actually living in a "Free country"? It is surprisingly difficult to find places to (legally) live off-the-grid in a minimalistic, low-impact, environmentally responsible way.

There’s a huge attempt to force everyone to conform into the same conventional white picket fence permitted and code obeying "American dream" house and lifestyle, and it primarily just benefits the elite, at the expense of the working class (not to mention the environment)

This conformity enforcement benefits the banks and financial industry (due to the interest they'll accrue on the increasingly massive loan you'll need to build a "legal" home) it benefits the construction and lumber industry owners (for the huge amount of *often toxic* building materials and hired licensed labor to build that oversized McMansion that meets all of the arbitrary code and permit requirements, their disallowing reclaimed lumber or reused building materials, their disallowing of natural building materials that you could collect from the land and build yourself, etc) and ultimately it benefits the rich corporation owners (because you'll need to sell 30 years of your prime life working for them in order to pay for that oversized mortgage and interest. If you dare to rock the boat in the corporate world, how will you pay for your mortgage when they fire you? They've got you by the balls, and you need to be subservient to them)

All of these massive rich corporate industry owners benefit from maintaining the status quo at all costs, and so it's in their best interest to lobby(bribe) The State to enact laws to codify all of their "requirements" and The State is happy to do so, because they'll be getting more property taxes (due to that vastly increased "property value") and they'll be getting more income taxes(due to all of those decades of work you're forced to do to pay the mortgage)

And if you personally don't like the little lifestyle plan that your State/Corporate overlords have gracefully lined up for you, if you dare disobey, if you dare build a little off-grid-eco-oasis-of-freedom outside of their walled garden and oversight, they'll fine you into bankruptcy, threaten you with jail time, and send a wrecking ball right through your beautiful tiny home, rendering you homeless, penniless, and possibly in jail with court fees...

"Land of the Free" more like "Land of the Two Headed Corporate/State Leviathan"... Is it any wonder that I have gravitated towards Anarchism?

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